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Everything you need to know about the new Vélib’ bicycles in a few minutes

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Key facts about the new Vélib’ bicycles

Key facts about the new Vélib’ bicycles

  • The blue Vélib’ is electric, and the green Vélib’ is mechanical.
  • All steps needed to pick up or return a Vélib’ are carried out from the box integrated into the handlebars.
  • The first step is always to activate the Vélib’ box by pressing the "V" key on the keypad.
  • Next, follow the symbols displayed on the screen of the device. Each stage has its own symbol.
  • Navigo cards can still be used with the service. However, the old Vélib’ cards are no longer valid. Users must request a new Vélib’ card.
Find out more in the tutorials below

Activating your Vélib’ or Navigo card for the first time


Hiring a Vélib’ using your card

Hiring a Vélib’ using your access codes

Taking a break during your journey

Returning your Vélib’ to a station

How to use the V-Box symbols

New symbols correspond to each stage of your Vélib’ journey. They make it easier for you to navigate the V-Box and use the docking stations. Here is an overview of all you need to know.

The main symbols